I’m a Survivor – How Young People are Coping during Coronavirus

Find the popular activities that help young people dealing with the coronavirus crisis

Corona Hotel in Israel
Corona Hotel in Israel. Image: All Rights Reserved to @amit_hair_style

The Coronavirus is the main topic on the news for the past three months in Australia and worldwide when the main question is where is the exit?

The Covid-19 forced us to stay at home, avoid public places or any contact with another human-being and leave behind the life we used to know.

Since the spread changes so rapidly, the health services struggle to cope. In a short period of time lots of people needed to have medical treatment while hospitals didn’t have the sources to help all of them at once.

Places like Italy, the US and the UK had a rapidly increase in active cases and their health department failed to control the situation correctly. Therefore, these countries suffered a great loss and it seems like it would take them a while to recover.

While most infected people will have mild symptoms, older people or those who already have medical problems, are more likely to develop severe situation that can easily get worse.

In order to prevent from the virus to spread, the WHO asks the people to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer frequently and avoid touching the face. In addition to that, you should stay at home and leave it only for essential needs such as buying groceries or essential work.

While leaving the house, the WHO also recommends on keeping at least 1.5 metres apart from the people around you and wearing a mask at all times.

In the past few months, many countries which suffered from a widespread, started to have restrictions such as closing the borders to foreigners, shutting down public places like restaurants and shopping centres and asking people to stay home without meeting other people who don’t live with them, including family members.

However, while in isolation and nowhere to go, people try to find different ways to cope with their new reality. There are plenty of ways to cope with the situation, and we gathered for you some of the most popular ways out there:

Welcome to Hotel Corona

Sadly, young people also can get infected by the Covid-19 and therefore they are being sent, along with the rest of the people who suffer from mild symptoms, to hotels dedicated to active cases.

One of them is Amit, patient no. 3133 from Israel, who was found positive on her way back home from a trip in the US. Amit was sent immediately to one of the hotels without the ability to see her family.

Away from home and with no one she really knows, Amit decided to take advantage of the situation and documented her experience at the hotel on her Instagram account. Her videos went viral very fast and the next day she was already interviewed by multiple news channels all over the world.

“I work as a makeup and hairstyle artist and I decided to help people who are stuck with me,” she said. “We planned a little party in my room, and I helped all the girls and the boys with their looks, and we took some pictures for our social media accounts.”

“The next day, I gained thousands of followers and received lots of requests on the messenger asking to see more from our experience there. In the meantime, the people who came to my party and I started to bond and together we shared all of our experiences, from playing in the hotel games room, waiting for test results and eating the not-so-fabulous food we got each day.”

The Corona Hotel Diaries. Video: All Rights Reserved to @amit_hair_style

Amit explained how much the sharing helped her to deal with the situation until she was able to come home.

“People started to send me packages with food and gifts and saying some positive things to keep me strong. The amount of love I got from these strangers via Instagram amazed me.”

“The whole experience, even though it was tough, was more bearable and besides, I met at the hotel friends for life.”

Amit documented her whole journey, from the minute her first test was found positive until the very end on her Instagram account with “The Corona Diaries” highlights.

Tone It Up

Since we started to spend most of our time at home without moving so much, fitness teachers all over the world decided to help those who are stuck at lockdown and created free classes via social media and some challenges to create your own plan.

One of them is Cassandra who created the “30 days of yoga” challenge on her YouTube channel. It’s free and focused, while dedicating only ten minutes every day, especially for those who are not fans of sports but understand they need to move a little bit while in quarantine.

Yoga with Cassandra YouTube channel

Wardrobe Full of Clothes but Nothing to Wear

In order to do some good there are options to volunteer remotely. One of them is helping others via Facebook.

Clothes containers around the city became too full due to the fact that people now have extra time to organize their home along with their closet and try to get rid of everything at once.

Full Clothes Containers. Image: All Rights Reserved to @michaleviarbel

The containers are too full to have more clothes in it and therefore we found a great way to deal with that issue.

Lately, Facebook created a Covid-19 feature with information about the spread worldwide including a “People Offering Help” post where you can upload supplies or different kinds of help you can offer, stating your location, adding images and ways of contact. If you are planning to clean your wardrobe, this is a great way to donate your clothes and do some good to the environment.

Facebook COVID-19 Information Centre

Aside from having some fun during quarantine, remember you should also take care of yourself healthily and obey the instructions.

Below you would find a comment section, so we invite you to share your own ideas to cope with the situation and inspire others.




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