Should we bring back the dodo? De-extinction is a feel-good story, but these high-tech replacements aren’t really ‘resurrecting’ species

4 ways to improve the online delivery of news stories

The Conversation: Should we bring back the dodo?..

In general, some ways to improve the online delivery of this story could be:

Simplified Headline

The headline of the news could be more concise to make it more attention-grabbing and intriguing, such as “Can We Bring Back Extinct Species?” A 19-word title is lengthy and severe that may not enhance the reader’s interest.

More relevant Image

The image in this article is not compelling enough and inconsistent with the paragraphs.

Example image from the news/ via Getty Images
(Example image from New)

I think it would be more convincing to insert an image comparing the genetic specimens of the dodo and the Nicobar pigeon in this paragraph.

Used multimedia

The links in this article are dense, using a video or infographics to explain some proper nouns can make the article more engaging and help readers visualize the concepts discussed in the article.

Explanatory action screenshot
(Explanatory text)

Improve Interactivity

This news supports sharing and commenting on different social media, using the hashtag, and inserts audio of reading the full text to increase interactivity.

(Keyword tags)
(Insert audio)

Also, adding a Poll or survey asking readers whether they agree or disagree with the de-extinction efforts can be a good way to improve Interactivity.

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