The Ethics of Climate Change: Acknowledging the Rights of Future Generations

The news article explores the question of whether future generations have a right to a livable climate, and if so, what responsibilities we have in the present to ensure that right is upheld.

Headline & Subheading

The headline and subheading are an effective and attention-grabbing one, as it poses a thought-provoking question that is highly relevant to current discussions around climate change.


It appears that there are several hypertextual links included within the article, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report . These links are embedded within the text and direct the reader to external sources of information that relate to the topics discussed in the article. Also, the article also references several external sources, including academic studies and international agreements. These references provide additional context and credibility to the article’s arguments and insights.


This article has a number of photographs included that break up the text and add visual interest, making the article more appealing to readers.

However, the article does not include any videos, it might be especially important when discussing complex topics like climate change, where visual demonstrations can help readers understand the issue more easily.


The article includes several features that encourage interactivity and engagement, including the ability to share the article on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Furthermore, the article includes multiple opportunities for readers to engage with the content and explore related topics. 

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