Ukraine war: Russian air strikes cut power at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

I will discuss the Ukraine war, it’s from BBC news.


The headline of this story, even though it gives the reader immediate access to information, does not attract the reader and seems more like a short summary. Because an interesting headline can give the reader more appeal.

News Strategy

This story needs to be broken up to make it easier to read online because the text does not provide the reader with more comprehensive background information. I think it will be confusing for some readers who are not familiar with the war between Russia and Ukraine. Some subheadings could be added to make it easier for readers to understand the news quickly. So if the story could provide more details about what caused the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it would get more readers’ attention.


In addition, despite the use of image elements in the story, it does not convey the unprecedented impact on the local population and environment after the Russian airstrikes on Ukraine. The face of such a serious war conflict led to the loss of power to even the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Video or audio could be added here, with footage focusing on the interviews, the chaos of the ruins, and the crying residents. The reader can then relate to this realistic footage. I think the few photos provided in the story are not very appealing to the reader. The reader does not appreciate the seriousness of the Russian air strikes on Ukraine from these photos.

(The shooting photo from the news)


The navigation of this news section could be optimized, especially since there are too many news recommendations on different topics in the right column. I think it could be focused on Russia and the war in Ukraine. Regular updates of relevant news information in the section would help readers to be the first to know the latest news. The Russian-Ukrainian war is a global concern and should be enlarged or marked in red in the Top Stories section. Even add an interactive section at the bottom of the news, like a poll or a quiz about the Russian-Ukrainian war, to increase reader engagement.

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