Employment or elimination? CHATGPT shuffles translation industry, leading to job losses


ChatGPT, launched by OpenAI, has already achieved significant application results in a number of areas. Among them, the translation industry, which is closely related to language, has become an important area where ChatGPT has been able to take advantage of, and at the same time has led to a change in the translation industry. The traditional translation industry has been considered one of the easiest professions to be replaced by AI, the quality and efficiency of CHATGPT have brought unprecedented pressure on translators, some of whom have lost their jobs. Due to the advantages of AI translation technology in terms of cost, efficiency and accuracy, some companies and clients are gradually reducing their demand for human translation services, leading to a rise in overall unemployment in the translation industry. However, AI translation is currently not up to commercial standards and has limitations in terms of its ability to handle terminology and complex contexts. Therefore, while the translation industry is facing challenges, it also needs to seek symbiosis and development with AI technology.


Topic and Angle

This news feature will focus on the theme “How ChatGPT is affecting the translation industry and causing unemployment”. After a brief overview of the technical features of ChatGPT and its widespread use in the translation field, we will analyse its impact on traditional translation jobs and the trend of change in the industry. In the light of the unemployment challenges faced by translation industry practitioners, we will interview the unemployed, discuss how to adjust and improve themselves, and look into the future development trend of the translation industry and the integration of artificial intelligence technology with the translation industry.

Target audience and publication

The target audience is people who work in translation-related industries, while hoping to attract a group interested in emerging technologies and industry trends.

The target publications are ABC News and 7 News. as Australia’s national public broadcaster, ABC News has a wide audience and reach. 7 News is a major general news website with a dedicated technology section focusing on the latest news and trends in the technology industry, which is highly relevant to the direction of this news story.

Research materials

  • Official OpenAI information, data and technical presentations
  • Industry reports and survey data, such as employment data and market size for the translation industry
  • Coverage of the topic on other media websites
  • Interviews with unemployed people in the translation industry


Timeliness: Keeping abreast of the current hot topics in AI technology development

Social impact: The issue of unemployment in the translation industry has had a profound impact on many practitioners and families. By shedding light on this issue, readers are alerted to the future direction of the labour market.

Multimedia, Hyperlinks & Interactivity

  • Use YouTube videos to add to the richness of the content, allowing video bloggers to share about the impact of chatgpt.

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  • Use images to show the current state of the translation industry, including the efficiency of AI translation and scenarios of translation work.
  • Insert relevant articles, recent research or expert opinion into the text.Provide detailed technical analysis and model explanations of AI,to give readers insight into the current state of AI translation.
  • Open up the comments box and encourage readers to post their own comments and opinions below the article.


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  1. Love the topic! It’s super timely as ChatGPT seems to be all anyone can talk about these days but I also like that you’re coming at it from this new angle of ‘how is this affecting jobs in translating’. One thing I would suggest in terms of improving your plan for the article is not embedding entire YouTube videos since if they’re too long to watch you’ll lose the readers attention and if you’re just copy-pasting them you’re not showing your own journalistic work. Perhaps instead you could reach out to the people who made those videos and ask them for an interview? Also is this piece going to be a feature or a news commentary? You didn’t specify so I’m not quite sure. Just make sure you decide before you start writing the piece proper. Maybe something you could do for multimedia is have one of the translators you interview race against ChatGPT to translate a paragraph and compare how long it takes them, I think that could be fun and a good demonstration of how ChatGPT is taking jobs from these people because it’s just so much faster even if the quality of translations drops. But overall love the idea and can’t wait to see what the finished article looks like!

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