Chelsea Manning Recovering After Attempting Suicide In Jail

Chelsea Manning Recovering After Attempting Suicide In Jail





This news post includes totally seven hyperlinks to enrich the further content of this story. However, based on the reading habit, it is considered that one of the hyperlinks telling why Manning is still in jail after being freed by Obama three year ago should be moved after the paragraph of describing this background briefly in the article.


The post mainly uses textual content to tell a story about Chelsea Manning’s attempted suicide and the following. Although it includes an image cover in the beginning of the article, the picture is not closely related to the story itself. To improve the adaptability, more topic-related images and videos should be taken into account.



The post has low level of interactivity, where readers have no access to post comments or any form of expressing their opinions. Also, the post allows the direct share with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat only, which takes the readers who want share this web page to other channels (such as Whatsapp) more time to finish the share conduct.



The post is immeasurable with the data of clicks, shares and likes.

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  1. Your post uses some of the features of good online writing, such as subheadings, brevity, and shorter paragraphs to enhance readability. The link to the story you analyse should be embedded in text, not spelled out as a URL, and it should open in a new tab.
    When you use photographs you must use captions and attribute the source of the image even where it seems obvious, as in your screenshots.
    By choosing to use the Vice headline you have ensured your post is SEO friendly, but you need also to assign key word tags to the post to enhance SEO.
    Good work mentioning measurability, but it’s unclear what you mean by the story being ‘immeasurable’ – do you mean you couldn’t find data relating to the number of clicks, shares and likes?
    When you discuss the need for more topic-related images, offer an example of what you mean – you could link to video or photo examples.

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