Dog food flown in for animals left behind in flood-hit NT communities

This news article focuses on the current situation of pet dogs left behind in the NT due to the flood. This article is published by Australia Broadcasting Corporation.

The images with text descriptions clearly show the current condition of the dogs, the use of subheadings increases the reader’s attention to the content, the actual interviews enhance the enjoyment, and the shortcut function of copying and sharing increases the reader’s interest and interactivity. Although this article has many positive points, some parts could be improved.


When I read the headline, I thought it would be about the transport of dog food, but the article was more about the difficulties of dogs in the NT. And almost half of this article is concerned about tick-borne viruses, which confused me when I read it. An accurate headline would be better.

Images and description

Some images could be added more relevant to the article’s content, such as an image of a volunteer feeding a dog.

Also, there is a concern about the spread of tick-borne virus in the article, and the description under the image relates to ticks, but the image is just two dogs, which I think needs to be changed.


The article mentions that Mr. Ennis has been posting photos of the dogs on Facebook, and putting the relevant links would improve the interaction with the readers.

The copying and sharing shortcuts are placed at the beginning of the article. Although there is a notation at the end for interactive platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it is not as visible as the previous shortcuts. Therefore, I think the shortcut is better to be placed at the end of the article.


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