New COVID-19 wave likely underway in NSW, weekly surveillance report shows

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This is a news story from data journalist Catherine Hanrahan published on ABC news on 9 March.

Heading and Subheading:

The headline has enough keywords and is search-friendly. The key information about the story is given in the first paragraph of the article. Although it does not use subheading, it does provide an overview of key points in the infobox, which also provides a concise summary.

News content&Multimedia:

In the second paragraph of the story, the author does not provide a valid URL link for the weekly surveillance report, which makes the story lack a certain level of professionalism. However, the author has inserted a few images of the information into the story to help the reader to understand it.

In the fourth and fifth paragraphs of the article, Alexandra Martiniuk, a public health expert from the University of Sydney, says something that provides a key piece of evidence for the news story and provides a reference for the story, a message that is important and serves to This information is important and serves as a continuum for the story. These two paragraphs can be combined into one block quote.


At the end of the story, the author provides some professional information that reduces the fear of covid mutations. The interactive nature of the story would have been enhanced if the author had added some real feedback from the public on the matter.


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