The Leaving or Staying of Asian Workers: The Situation of Asian Workers under the New Immigration Policy.

The Leaving or Staying of Asian Workers: The Situation of Asian Workers under the New Immigration Policy.

  • Story topic and angle

SYDNEY, Sept 2 , Australia on Friday increased its intake of permanent migrants to 195,000 this financial year, up by 35,000, in a bid to help businesses and industries battling widespread staff shortages and reduce reliance on short-term workers. (Person & Renju Jose, 2022) The number of 35000 is a significant amount, which will inevitably have a huge impact on the lives of foreign workers. In the Australian government’s report, it was mentioned that the technology and nursing industries will benefit from this new policy of immigrants. But beyond these industries, other industries are also facing labor shortages.

In my feature story, I will interview a series of Asian workers in different areas to understand their lives working in Australia during the COVID-19 epidemic and their expectations and concerns about long-term working in Australia.

  • Objective

I hope to find universal values of news issues in the narratives of several Asian workers of varying identities, to give the audience a portrait of this group in order to make it more visible to more people.

(Photo by Xing Fan, At 10:00 pm on April 15, Asian building workers worked at the central station.)

  • Newsworthiness

During my research of relevant news stories, I found it difficult to find feature stories written in recent years based on the perspective of Asian migrant workers. We find that more attention is paid to the large number of Asian students who come to Australia to study. Highly educated people are more easily able to obtain long-term visas in any country and receive more attention from the media. People rarely hear first-hand reports from foreign workers. Therefore, the allocation of social resources and the process of policy-making may also overlook the demands of this group. I hope that through this story, more people can obtain a portrait of this group. Relevant industry practitioners can gain the information they need from our story.

  • Publication and target user group

The publication we have chosen is ABC News. The purpose of writing this story is to help more people understand the Asian labor community in recent years. Therefore choosing ABC News which is more authoritative and has a wider audience is suitable for our story. On the other hand, I have not seen stories written from the perspective of Asian workers on ABC News, so I believe this story is unique.

The target audiences for this feature story are anyone with an interest in foreign workers, including those working in academic institutions, policymakers, and people from all walks of life who are preparing to migrate to Australia.

  • Multimedia

This feature story will use hypertext and images. In recent years there has been a huge expansion in the way people access information, with videos, short videos, influencers etc. all becoming means of disseminating information. So I plan to publish this feature story on short video platforms and social media using a combination of multiple images and videos.

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  • Interviewee 01

Name: Sharon

Permanent Residency, 26 years old, she came to Australia at the age of 14 to study and has a long experience of working in Australia.

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  • Interviewee 02

Name: Yuan

building worker, TSS 482 visa, “This visa enables employers to address labor shortages by bringing in skilled workers where employers can’t source an appropriately skilled Australian worker. (Australia government, 2021) Yuan came to Australia in 2019 to work until now. ”

Contact Information:

  • Interviewee 03

Name: Xinjian Feng

Permanent Residency, Came to Australia in 2010 to study Master of Arts and Media at Griffith University and was granted PR in Australia through skilled migration in 2018. He currently works in Marketing and Public Relations for an automotive chip company.

Contact Information:

  • Interviewee 04

Name: Ling

She is a student at Western Sydney University studying Master of Teaching(Children from 0-12) . She plans to migrate to Australia and switched her law major from the University of Sydney to this major for immigration purposes.

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Online Data


Immigration information from the Australian government

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  1. I like the topic of your story. With the reforms in policy, people pay attention to Asian workers. As you say, there is very little news that tells the story from the workers’ point of view. This is novel and newsworthy for human interest. By the way, I noticed that you inserted your own photos into the article. Very good. The photo fits the story and resonates. For the interviewees, besides Asian workers, you can also consider some local workers and hear their views on this policy and their Asian colleagues. Besides, interviewing representatives from industry associations can provide insight into the impact of the new immigration policy on various industries, including how it affects the employment and treatment of Asian workers. You can also collect more data from official sources as hyperlinks, such as the average salary of Asian workers and so on, to increase the credibility of the article. They can be used to illustrate trends and patterns, as well as to provide context for the issue.

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